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The Future is Now Circuit, is the first youth basketball circuit in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle. If you are not a shoe company team that travels every two weeks to compete against other teams, but are looking to travel and compete this is for you. Elite teams, tier 2 teams, average teams, and beginner teams. If you're looking to travel with your team and wanting a place where the kids can have some great competition this is for you. 

Partner Hotels will be posted here as well.

Cost is $800

First $400 deposit is due by March 1st

Final $400 deposit is due by April 1st

Teams not paid by these dates will not stay on committed team list

Committed team list will be put out once a month.

Q Vision Hoop Scoop will be on hand for the circuit helping with player exposure through out the country.


The Circuit will run as four event.

Three events teams will compete for points for seeding into the final weekend. 

  • Pool Play points, 4 pts first, 3 pts second, 2 pts third, 1 pt fourth

  • Four Pool play first place finishers will advance to Bracket Play

  • 1 point earned for semifinal win, 1 point earned for Championship

Points will be used in the final weekend for seeding.

All Tournament teams will be selected the Final weekend

All Circuit team will be selected the Final weekend

Future Circuit MVP will be selected the Final Weekend

Tie Breakers will work as such:

  • Head - to - head

  • Points from wins and losses max +/- 15 points for each 

  • Defensive points allowed

  • Offensive points scored

Each team will play in all four events, max 16 teams in each grade division and tier.

Games are ran 2 - 20 minute halves, 1 minute overtime, clock stops last 2 minutes of each half.

Player Verification and Eligibility:

Coaches will be given a Coaches Badge to allow them to be in the team bench area. Without the badge persons will not be allowed to be on the bench or in the bench area. 2 free badges will be given per team. If a team has more than two coaches all other badges will have to be purchased at the first event. 

Players are only allowed to play on one team in a division

Rosters will be published online

Rosters are locked, teams will not be able to change their roster after the first weekend.

All teams will have to show players eligibility to play in each division.

Players will have to purchase a $10 ID card the first weekend. To obtain an ID they will have to show both a Birth Certificate and a School ID. Forms for school ID that will be accepted will be either a report card, Student ID, or for home schooled kids a letter from the state providing their current grade level. All forms of verification will have to have the players name on it, current year for school info. Without the proper verification players will not obtain an eligibility ID. Without the eligibility ID players will not be allowed to compete. Once verified and ID is obtained, players will be eligible for the entire circuit. 

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